WE CREATE COOL things. What does that mean? An award-winning 3D stereoscopic stop motion film, mechanical special effects for TV and movies like The Revenant, Heartland and SyFy’s Wynonna Earp. Shockingly realistic prosthetics, props, sculptures and environmental pieces, pyrotechnic effects and explosions and a full range of products and services to support the creation of all of the above by us or you. Hard to get your head around it? It’s simple: WE CREATE COOL from the ground up – concepts, productions, services, products and more.The common thread running through everything we do is solid, high quality work, infinite attention to detail, smart, thoughtful, creative solutions to challenging projects and in-depth professional knowledge and experience. Combine that with the high level of friendly and professional customer service that you will experience when you work with us and you will understand and be happy to “get what you pay for” at Bleeding Art Industries. Our work stands out from the crowd and your business will too when we work together.


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